Beijing, Taipei, and Washington in the Indo-Pacific

Few areas of contemporary grand strategy command as much attention as U.S.-China relations. Recently, Beijing and Washington’s fragmenting relations have aroused a multitude of concerns from countries in the Indo-Pacific sphere. As both powers seek to gain influence in this region, analysts question how (or if) both powers can come to a reconciliation that allows third-party countries to maintain agency amidst great-power competition. But transparently, perhaps these countries’ trepidation is warranted, especially considering Beijing’s unrelenting pursuit of authority in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Straits. Moreover, cross-strait tensions…

TikTok, Hong Kong and More U.S.-China Flashpoints

An incumbent superpower and a rising one are finding coexistence increasingly difficult. Jockeying for position in a changing world, the U.S. and China are facing off on all sorts of issues, most — but not all — involving economic rather than military might. As the U.S. prepares for a change of leadership, here’s a rundown of flashpoints, some with significant real-world consequences and others that for now are mostly symbolic. Source link