New Historic Find Contradicts China’s Maritime Power Play

On September 23, Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Thi Thu was asked about recent archival findings that suggest China did not claim sovereignty over the Paracel Islands – a disputed archipelago in the South China Sea – in the late 19th century. British journalist and scholar Bill Hayton said he found a document in the British national archives implying the Paracel Islands were a part of the “high seas,” and not under the control of Imperial China. Le claimed this vindicated Vietnam’s longstanding claims over the archipelago. “As reiterated on…

Opinion | Biden’s China policy is admirable but underfunded

France is called America’s “oldest ally” because, after Americans won the 1777 Battle of Saratoga, France, relishing Britain’s difficulties, used its fleet to support the revolution, which in 1781 was helpfully offshore at Yorktown. Current exigencies, however, trump historic gratitude, and stealthy, long-range nuclear submarines are required for Australia’s involvement in the Quad (with Japan, India and the United States) countering China. A U.S. spokesman deserves an Oscar for saying, straight-faced, that AUKUS “is not aimed or about any one country.” Source link